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The Allergy and Free From Show 25th – 26th of October

The Allergy & Free From Show

We’re really excited to be launching Zero Gluten Baker at the Free From Show in Liverpool. This product is especially for coeliacs, creating mouth-watering recipes alongside a dedicated gluten-free chef.

We have met and been touched by the stories of coeliac sufferers across the UK and wanted to develop a product which would allow them to really enjoy freshly baked bread and cakes again without the mess. We are so proud of the product and excited about the impact it will have for those who follow a gluten-free diet.

The Allergy and Free From Show takes place on the 25th and 26th of October. Come and visit us at stand G5 to taste Zero Gluten Baker breads and cakes for yourself.

Free tickets to the show can be found here (usually £5): Tickets

The gluten-free diet: What do coeliacs miss?

Being diagnosed with coeliac disease means that there has to be a change to your diet as eating any gluten causes an irritation in the lining of the intestine. Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat flour meaning many types of bread, cakes and biscuits are not suitable for coeliacs. So what are the foods that are most commonly missed by those who go gluten free?

Fresh bread

Traditional bread is a staple and the most obvious food that must be avoided by those with a gluten intolerance, so gluten-free bread is a must. The gluten in wheat flour reacts with water to give dough a stretchy texture and is what creates the structure in a loaf of bread. This structure allows the development of a soft airy centre with a crisp chewy exterior, providing all the things that most people enjoy about freshly baked bread. Whether it is a delicious loaf, ciabatta or focaccia, managing without tasty traditionally-made breads can be a challenge.

However, replacing wheat with gluten-free substitutes can make it difficult to bake. The consistency of the dough can be a real problem, causing mess and preventing easy and quick baking. The Zero Gluten Baker removes these issues, with its double-paddle designed especially for kneading zero-gluten dough, and a wide range of gluten-free programs make creating delicious fresh bread on a daily basis a simple option.

Delicious cakes

Sweet treats such as traditional cakes and biscuits must also be cut if you need to follow a gluten-free diet. However, the wide availability of gluten-free, self-raising flour, such as Doves Farm Gluten Free Flour, means that cakes and other baked goods can be easily replaced. The Zero Gluten Baker comes with a dedicated recipe book, meaning that all you need to do is measure out your ingredients, select your chosen program and let the Zero Gluten Baker do the rest.

With a choice of 30 gluten-free bread and cake recipes in the specialist book, there is a wide selection to choose from. We know that not being able to enjoy their favourite delicious bread and cakes is one of the things that coeliacs find hardest to deal with when diagnosed. By using widely available gluten-free flours as a substitute and the Zero Gluten Baker recipe book, it’s possible to try alternative recipes at home that are just as good in taste and texture.

Let us know your favourite recipes on our Zero Gluten Baker Twitter, @Zero_Gluten.

Gluten-free flour: Perfect for baking

Gluten-free diets followed by coeliacs and others with food intolerances can make it hard to find and buy freshly baked foods such as bread and cakes, as you can with ordinary bread. Manually baking zero-gluten products can also be off-putting as many people are unsure of the right ingredients to use. Even eager bakers may find that the consistency of the dough can be difficult to manage and even downright messy.

However, there are ways that people can enjoy delicious gluten-free bread and cakes, hassle-free on a regular basis with the new zero-gluten baking machine.

Flour and gluten substitutes: What are the options?

As detailed in our specialty gluten-free recipe book, the Zero Gluten Baker can use gluten-free white bread flour to bake breads including crusty loaves, focaccias and ciabattas. We recommend Doves Farm Gluten Free Flour, available online and in supermarkets and healthfood shops. Their range also includes flours for baking cakes. Standard gluten-free self-raising flour is again versatile enough to be used in a range of cakes, from lemon drizzle cake to brownies.

On our quest to perfect zero-gluten bread recipes, we found that zero-gluten bread flour must be used in conjunction with a gluten substitute. We recommend Orgran Gluten-Free Gluten. Find out more at

Using the Zero Gluten Baker

Using gluten-free flours to manually bake can be difficult as the consistency of the dough produced is very different from traditional bread dough and many find it too messy to work with on a regular basis. The Zero Gluten Baker has been especially designed to remove the hassle of manually baking zero-gluten bread and cakes. Not only is its double-paddle design specifically adapted to zero-gluten dough, but its range of seven gluten-free programs allow even the most inexperienced of bakers to produce an impressive range of delicious breads and cakes on a daily basis.

The Zero Gluten Baker also comes with a specialist recipe book, removing the hassle from zero-gluten baking, and allowing you to bake a wide choice of bread and cakes, from olive breads and focaccias, to pizza doughs and cakes.

For more information on zero-gluten baking and the bread and cakes you can bake every day with our Zero Gluten Baker, head on over to our Twitter @Zero_Gluten.

Halloween Baking

With Halloween creeping up round the corner, sweets and treats are a staple of the holiday just as much as dressing up and pumpkin carving.

Why not eliminate the tricks from your treats this Halloween and make your own gluten free goodies using Britain’s first dedicated gluten-free baking machine, The Zero Gluten Baker.

Our bakers come with a free recipe book, here is some inspiration using our selected recipes to add a little magic for a hassle-free Halloween.

Chocolate Fudge Cake
This cake is perfect for any celebration. Create a Halloween spectacle with this recipe by using gluten-free icing and a dash of orange food colouring, adding an assortment of decorative spider and pumpkin toppers for a desert centre piece this Halloween.

Creepy Carrot Cake
Our gluten-free carrot cake makes a sweet treat for Halloween. Add some pumpkin seeds into the mix for extra flavour, keep it creepy and pour some black icing sugar, to create a web design on top of the soft creamy topping.

Spooky Chocolate Brownies
A perfect excuse to get the kids in the kitchen, using our brownie recipe. Create some ghouls and ghosts this Halloween by adding a little fresh cream on top of the brownies then create eyes using black icing sugar to create eyes.

Happy Halloween Pizza
Make some gluten-free dough and get creative in the kitchen, by making your own themed creation. Why not mould the dough into a pumpkin shape or create a Halloween master piece atop of your (gluten-free) canvas. Get the whole family involved, accessorising with a plethora of ingredients for their crazy creations.

More ideas
After carving your creation into a pumpkin why not use the excess pumpkin pulp to add to toasted ciabatta or homemade gluten-free white rolls using Imetecs Zero Gluten Baker for that extra Halloween indulgence.