Zero Gluten Baker

Top Five Questions about the Zero Gluten Baker

1) What makes Zero Gluten Baker different from other bakers?


The Zero Gluten Baker has been designed especially for those with coeliac disease as a life-changing machine that will allow those who follow a gluten-free diet to once again enjoy many of the delicious foods they had thought were now off-limits.

The machine does this by ensuring that consistent, high quality gluten-free baking results can be achieved every time – regardless of the users baking ability.

Recognising the challenges that come with baking gluten-free, the Zero Gluten Baker is a game-changer for coeliacs. The machine has bespoke software, enabling you to choose from a variety of programme settings, to bake not only the perfect gluten free crusty loaf which will rise to perfection, but also a whole range of other delicious gluten free breads and cakes – from pizza bases to a mouth-watering lemon drizzle cake.

These unique functionalities developed especially for gluten-free baking make the Zero Gluten Baker so much more than a bread maker, able to make delicious gluten-free cakes and bakes at consistently high standards throughout its use.

Unlike other machines, the Zero Gluten Baker also comes with a six piece tray set to bake a variety of different shaped breads and cakes as well as a specialist recipe book created by our own Italian chef. This means not only will users be able to bake gluten-free bread which tastes great, but also bread which looks as delicious as it tastes.


2) Who makes Zero Gluten Baker?

Zero Gluten Baker is the first specialised baking machine in the UK dedicated to gluten-free baking. Zero Gluten Baker has been designed and manufactured by Italian company, Imetec.

Imetec is a world-renowned Italian small-appliance brand with a global presence in over 42 countries, focused on the continuous development of personal comfort products, including the UK’s most loved heated bedding brand, Dreamland.



3) What makes it different to bread machines that have a gluten-free option?

The Zero Gluten Baker, has seven programmes all catered to gluten-free baking, as opposed to the one setting that most other bread machines offer to only make a gluten-free loaf of bread.

The software for our baker has been specifically designed to overcome the challenges that are present in all gluten-free baking, from loaves, to rolls, to cakes.

Whereas other bakers might have a gluten-free option, the Zero Gluten Baker’s primary focus is on enabling a lifestyle change for coeliac sufferers, giving each user a whole host of delicious recipe options. This makes not only eating gluten-free bread daily achievable and affordable, but opens up a whole host of mouth-watering recipes and meal options for people with coeliac – without the need for any baking ability.


4) What is the cost of baking?

Our mathematicians have calculated that as few as 66 white loaves baked in the baker will result in the baker paying for itself* compared to buying gluten-free bread in the super market. And that’s just bread!


5) Where can I buy the baker?

The baker is currently available through the Zero Gluten Baker website: []

Priced at £199.99 with free delivery within the UK


*to see the maths behind the result please do get in touch