Zero Gluten Baker

About Imetec

Just because you can’t eat gluten doesn’t mean that you don’t crave foods with it in and making gluten-free bread and cakes at home by hand is a tough and messy challenge.

Imetec has come up with a solution for this problem with the Zero Gluten Baker. The machine is the first of its kind, meaning gluten-intolerance won’t stop you enjoying loaves and cakes anymore!

It’s so easy to use, just measure and add the ingredients, press start and the machine will do the rest.

Now you can bake a tray of brownies or have a delicious white crusty bread roll with bacon on a Sunday morning.

However the Zero Gluten Baker can also bake cakes and breads that include gluten too.

The Zero Gluten Baker is brought to you by Imetec. Imetec is a world renowned Italian brand focused on the continuous development of personal comfort.
Imetec is market leader in Italy and present across 42 countries worldwide.

Imetec’s strategic vision focuses on individuals and their specific requirements in the domestic environment to ensure ever improving sustainable comfort, providing new products specifically designed to enhance personal well being and constantly improve quality of life.

The company was founded in the ’70s and stood out immediately thanks to the success of Dreamland, the range that revolutionised the concept of heated bedding in the UK.

This was only the beginning of its International success crowned with the creation of new brands, such as Bellissima and Zero Gluten Baker.

Imetec have an established reputation as a reliable, practical, authentic, dynamic and responsible brand.

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